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Refund Process
Refund Process
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Dear Equip user.

We present to you our refund policy, designed to ensure a transparent and satisfactory experience. At Equip, your satisfaction is our priority and we understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise a times. To facilitate your understanding of the refund procedures, we have established clear guidelines.

Whether it's due to unfavorable weather conditions, equipment issues, or even cancellations on our part, we're here to assist you. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our terms and the steps to ensure an efficient refund process.

For equipment issues, if the equipment is missing or defective, we offer either replacement or a refund, with the possibility of a promo code if replacement isn't possible. If you choose ton cancel your session 24 hours in advance, a full refund is guaranteed. Additionally, same-day reservation changes are accepted if possible, otherwise, no refund will be issued.

How to request a refund ? :

Upcoming sessions :

  • More than 24 hours before : Please use the Equip app directly

  • Within the last 24 hours : Contact us, a validation is required.

Active or past sessions :

  • Contact us, only supported in case of equipment or weather issues !

The evaluation of refund is handled by our Customer Service team at Equip. For full dtails of our refund policy, please refer to the information available on the Equip app or on our website.

Documents required for refund :

  • Equipment issues: Please submit a photo of the missing or defective equipment to facilitate the refund or replacement process.

  • Previous sessions: Provide any evidence justifying the refund (name, phone number, station name, locker number, photos, etc...)

When you are eligible for a refund, you have the option to receive the refund on your original payment method or obtain an equivalent promo code. The refund will be processed within one week and you can make a request up to one week prior. To proceed with the refund, you will be prompted to explicitly accept the refund authorization.

Thank you for trusting Equip. For any request or additional assitance, please contact us.

Contact us

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